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I’m a musician and photographer based
in the New York City area. Live music, for me, is much more then purely a listening event.
It’s an experience which involves most senses…part physical, part spiritual.  The feel of the thump of the kick drum and bass guitar, the sound of the band’s vocals and the roar of the crowd, the visual light show and the expression on the artist’s face, even the smell of the air and the venue.


All senses fuse together at a live show, no matter the popularity of the band or the size of the stage, to carve and ingrain a memory. It’s my goal to stop time and freeze a moment; to close the shutter of the camera at 1/320th of a second, and capture the energy, emotion and passion of the artist or band and convey that through still imagery. 

I want anyone who sees my photographs to get the sense and feel like they were there, at the show…right in the photo pit or front row.


Thanks for looking...

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